Communist NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio tells people how best to snitch on people


Comrade de Blasio is doing what he does all the time — telling New Yorkers how they can snitch on someone. This time he wants them to snitch on people if they are not social distancing. “Action will ensue,” he promises.

He and his frenemy, King Cuomo, Governor of New York, are responsible for the numbers going off the charts. Until recently, people were still packing into subway cars without masks. In fact, he told New Yorkers to not get in the car if it was crowded and wait for the next one. Obviously, he doesn’t realize, you’d be there all day.

Some research needs to be done as to why New York is so much worse than that rest of the country. Without New York, the Wuhan Communist Chinese Party Virus would be a blip on the radar.


Our city and state are run by fools:

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