Communist Says Trump Is Authoritarian Like Putin & Jong-un


President Trump is “authoritarian” like Putin, Kim Jong-un, and Mohammed bin Salman says the communist/socialist Senator Bernie Sanders. How humorous it is listening to a hardcore leftist — an authoritarian — say the President has “strong authoritarian impulses.”

We know Bernie calls himself a Democratic Socialist to be distinguished from Communists, but it’s a distinction without merit. They are Communists by another name. Their agenda is worse than that of the Communist Party USA. For example, Venezuela’s Madura is a Democratic Socialist.

Sanders made his comments on The View after referencing the crisis at the border:

Sadly, Sanders (I-VT) said that he is thinking about running for president again in 2020 to applause from the studio audience during an appearance on ABC’s “The View” on Monday.

They are a very unaware audience.

The leftists want open borders and they are the authoritarians. The leftists on both sides of the border are trying to embarrass Americans into not protecting the border. There is a real war on the border, often guided and financed by leftists in this country.

We either have a country and a border or we don’t. We can’t let violent people come in by humiliating us.

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