Computer guy Bill Gates has a plan to govern the entire world


Microsoft founder Bill Gates wants the world to go to zero emissions and, if we don’t, he predicts the utter failure of our planet well before the end of the century. How does he know this? He doesn’t.

Radical Bill Gates wants another $35 billion for climate and clean energy research. Another part of his plan is to get people to eat fake meat so we can eliminate farting, burping cows as a source of food.

Gates wants electric everything.

Some of his crazy ideas exactly like AOC’s Green New Deal. The cows sound like AOC, and his ideas about buildings do as well. He wants to see the steel and cement industries completely retooled. Gates says they account for 16% of all carbon dioxide emissions.

That idea he has would be equivalent to building a new New York City every month.

Widespread adoption of next-generation nuclear energy to supplement wind and solar is part of the plan. That one makes sense since nuclear energy is the only energy source that is independent of fossil fuels.

Gates wrote a new book, “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster,” so you can read more there.

Gates told CBS News he’s a big believer in wind and solar and thinks it can one day provide up to 80% of the country’s electricity. However, Gates insists unless we discover an effective way to store and ship wind and solar energy, nuclear power will likely have to do the rest. Energy from nuclear plants can be stored so it’s available when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing.

We are doing fine without any of these impossibly expensive changes.


Gates admitted he has a big carbon footprint.

“I probably have one of the highest greenhouse gas footprints of anyone on the planet,” adding “my personal flying alone is gigantic.”

He’s absolving himself for his climate sins by purchasing plant-based aviation fuel, switching to an electric car, using solar panels, and buying carbon credits to the tune of $7 million per year.

None of those things is a sacrifice for this mega-wealthy computer guy.

Bill Gates wants a zero-emission economy controlled by elites and the people will suffer, but not him or his fellow elites.

According to Gates, the planet needs to reach zero carbon emissions in order to “avoid catastrophe.”

How can he know this? He can’t. We are supposed to accept this because he’s rich and talks with a lot of people in his echo chamber who think like him.

While he has some good ideas and good intentions, he goes way too far and he’s dangerous.


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