Comrade AOC threatens half the country


A sitting congresswoman, Rep. Alexandria Cortez, threatened 69 million voting American citizens who support President Trump.

She wrote on Twitter, “Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I foresee decent probability of many deleted Tweets, writings, photos in the future.”

Complicity for what? Disagreeing with her and her far-left goons who riot in our major cities?

She added, “Lol at the “party of personal responsibility” being upset at the idea of being responsible for their behavior over last four years.”

That’s from a vocal member of the party of tolerance in the U.S. House of Representatives.


Lol! Im just holding people responsible for thinking the wrong way.

In the 1940s Germany created also a list based on names and addresses of people who they really didn’t like.

I stay away from your silly tweets, but threatening the freedoms of 60+million Americans isn’t something anyone should silently accept, especially from a US Congresswoman. Add me to your silly list, I stand by freedom.

Wow…..I sort of figured you would have waited until the winner had been formally declared before you began suggesting we begin implementing the wearing of gold stars, the rolling back of individual rights, and the construction of the concentration camps for enemies of the state

Her comrades agree with her:

One of her comrades wrote: And in 1945 the Allies created a list of the leaders of nazi Germany in order to bring them to justice. Do you have a problem with that?

To that, another wrote in response — which was hidden as too sensitive to be seen without a warning — The idiotic false equivalency here is the hallmark of total historical ignorance. You, and everyone ever charged with teaching you history, should be deeply embarrassed.


A Bloomberg article made it clear Democrats and their media will continue to attack Donald Trump with the same worn-out and baseless attacks they used to pursue him over the past four years.

Indeed, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler have promised to continue their assault on the president. Perhaps they want to make sure no one ever tries to disrupt their corrupt enterprises in the future. They also might want to eliminate him as a future threat. Maybe they are threatening him so he doesn’t continue to lead half the nation.

The Democrat Party is now fully in the hands of the Progressive hard left with their ‘thought’ leader in charge. Joe Biden, the ‘moderate,’ said during his speech last night that he has a mandate to pursue the hysteria of climate change [wealth redistribution] and the [divisive] policy of ‘defeating’ systemic racism.

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