Comrade Harris to chair Space Council, looking for diversity and climate


Kamala Harris will be able to put her hardcore Leftist touch to the National Space Council. Among her many duties including discovering the causes of illegal immigration, she will chair the National Space Council, Politico, a leftist news outlet reports.

Harris has no background in space, science, or in the leadership of such an agency. She’s a hardcore leftist lawyer.

Since Biden’s America is eliminating our system of meritocracy, you will be interested in this paragraph from the story:

The list also includes a focus on climate change, STEM education, diversity in the workforce, promoting regional economic development, and enhancing cybersecurity in space systems.

There it is, diversity — get those white men out.

The preceding paragraph which seeks to define her role is vague but also suggestive of some new definitions:

Harris will put her own “stamp” of priorities on the cabinet-level body that coordinates national security priorities, civilian exploration, and the growing private economy of space, including “supporting sustainable development of commercial space activity, advancing peaceful norms and responsible behaviors in space, achieving peaceful exploration objectives with our allies and partners,” an official said.

Since Harris voted to the left of communist Bernie, she too appears to be a communist. Will she take all space development out of private hands and control it from a centralized government? If she does, she will ruin it. Either that or she’ll regulate non-government enterprises into malfunctioning. She plans to make that too about radical climate change.

She will review “the membership and procedures of the Council to ensure it is best postured to support the policies of the Biden-Harris Administration,” a top aide said.

In other words, there will be no dissent in a scientific agency.

Yavol, comrade!

Politicizing The National Space Council is a fait a compli.


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Starman Jones
Starman Jones
2 years ago

High heels would look sporty on an Elon rocket. (racist!)
I’m sure the best government evarz will pwn space like the faculty lounge legends that they are.
Maybe the highly efficient USPS could provide intel from their 007 spy missions. (sarc)
Forward! Do it for comrade Yuri Gagarin err Gus Grissom?