Comrade Hillary Says a Trump Re-Election Could End Democracy


Look at her eyes. She’s evil.

After setting up a coup against Donald Trump with a fraudulent dossier, Hillary claims Donald Trump is dangerous. She claims Trump winning in 2024 could be the end of democracy. Hillary and her comrades pretend they care about democracy while destroying it with their authoritarianism. They only care about democracy and the Constitution when they can use it to their advantage. The rest of the time, they try to burn it to the ground.

At one point in this tape, she rails about Rupert Murdoch getting vaccinated. So what? The failed presidential candidate thinks Fox bashes vaccination day and night. It’s not true.

Tucker and Ingraham try to present vaccine information we don’t get because of censorship. They aren’t anti-vaccination.

The Benghazi failure wants more censorship in general and is directing the media on what to say as she complains of autocracy.

As she accuses Donald Trump of all that she is guilty of and as she continues to blame others for her election loss, one must wonder if she’s a sociopath.


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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
7 months ago

Breaking down what she said, there was no actual content, only figurative scare tactics, with no citations of any dangers. She is not smart, her words were gratuitous and childish. I’ve never seen a statement of intelligence from her. She is not even clever enough to hire good writers.

7 months ago

And the democrat sycophants will believe this lying commie. The fact is this administration is already destroying democracy and at a rapid pace. This is Obama 2.0.

7 months ago

Crawl back into your Russian vodka bottle Hillary. The United states is a Constitutional Republic. You can take your cracked Grecian urn from an era of ancient democracy and use it to spit the pits of your olives in, If anyone had or has relations with Russia, carnal or otherwise it is you. It is your MO and your mantra to accuse others of your own psychotic proclivities. Hillary you are a thing from the past like buried the broken columns of the Acropolis.

John Vieira
7 months ago

Sociopath…more like psychopath…

Now With Fortified Democracy
Now With Fortified Democracy
7 months ago

Athenian democracy always ends in disaster.
The representative republic model is better.
Hillary is not a thing outside of blue hiveborgs so why can’t she go be with family and divvy up the bandit lucre.