German Police Are Measuring Distances Between People Using Long Rulers


Cooperating with authoritarianism is never a good idea. They won’t stop. They will keep the authority they’ve seized, and then they will go for more. The rules never apply to them, as they claim it’s for safety.

German police are now measuring distances between people in crowds. Our administration isn’t condemning any of this and the media refuses to report it.

These people aren’t about democracy. They’re the opposite.

The video, posted online by various German Twitter users, shows police on Saturday night using folding rulers as they walk through a crowd in Hamburg. They were measuring to make sure that people stay six feet apart during a protest.

On Saturday, Bloomberg News reported that around 8,000 people gathered in downtown Hamburg to protest vaccination mandates for children. It was far more than 8,000.

The unvaccinated have to walk on one side of fences and vaccinated on the other side. Of all countries, they should stay away from this kind of authoritarianism.

There was an enormous protest. The country is divided on the issue.


Psycho Boris Johnson says there is a “tidal wave of Omicron coming,” which he is using to push — what else — the booster. No one in the world has died from Omicron and it mostly presents with mild cold symptoms.

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2 years ago

Germany is in for another rut imbued bumpy road full of pot holes with their new chancellor Olaf Sholtz and his cabinet of leftists. He has been compared to Biden, and has praised him. His newly appointed minister of health’s intention is to mandate everyone in Germany is vaccinated. It appears there is another Shist Koph megalomaniac of the new Reich rising. It is my hope the people of Germany strand up to this tyrant and not experience what their ancestors did 90 years ago.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
2 years ago
Reply to  lexington41975

Back then, in the 30s, Germany was suffering from severe and unfair penalties for the first world war, were poor, hungry and could not heat their homes. The country was broke. They had no hope.

Now, Germany is prosperous, with no need to enslave themselves.

I think modern day German have much less reason to allow dictatorship. Germans since the second world war have been brainwashed with guilt into cowardice.

Willard, Ben Willard
Willard, Ben Willard
2 years ago

I had a Third Reich book as a child that showed SS doctors measuring the heads and noses of untermenschen as part of a phrenology program, do the leaders of Germanistan have any sense of irony or history? (rhetorical)