Comrade Whitmer threatens doctors and pharmacists over possible Cov-19 drug


The governor of Michigan must think doctors are prescribing fish tank cleaner because this far-left woman, who wants tons of money from the federal government to fight Cov-19, is threatening doctors and pharmacists if they prescribe the only available drug out there that appears to have some efficacy in the fight against Coronavirus.

It’s possibly driven by the couple in Arizona who drank fish tank cleaner but more likely driven by Trump Derangement Syndrome. The President suggested it might work and the leftists went nuts.

Governor Whitmer will possibly go after the licenses of any doctors or pharmacists who prescribe hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine for the treatment of Cov-19 until there is more evidence of “efficacy.”

Comrade Gretchen Whitmer is the leftist who delivered the anti-Trump State of the Union rebuttal. She is a rising star of the NEW Democrat Party.

Whitmer is not a doctor. The drug has been used since at least 1955 and is approved for other illnesses. People are dying and she is one of the leftists who thinks it’s a war. So, what is she doing by disarming us?

Who is she to tell doctors what they can prescribe?

Even Doctor Fauci said he would prescribe under some circumstances, although he is reluctant. Many drugs are prescribed off label like chloroquine.

Dr. Jeff Collyer, the former Kansas Governor, told Laura Ingraham last night on her show that we should use it! We go to the war with the drug we have, he said. The drug’s safety record has been tested since 1955.

This is insane. Democrats are killing people with their TDS, their PC-ness, and their inherent rigidity.


You might be able to get this video of Dr. Colyer talking about the drug:

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