Comrades! Phil Murphy has made you safe from tulip sightseers


Democrat NJ Governor Phil Murphy has banned the state’s annual drive-through tulip farm tour. The owners of Dalton Farms were threatened if a “single car drove through his field”.

How does driving around looking at tulips violate any stay-at-home orders?

Commissar Murphy

It’s probably above Phil’s pay grade and he certainly doesn’t consider the Bill of Rights.

Come on Phil, come tiptoe through the tulips!

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Blackbeard Laughs
Blackbeard Laughs
3 years ago

All of the shame cancel culture Karens are loving the great leap forward of the Controlavirus.
Freedom isn’t for everyone.
Checked out some exits of the glorious people’s republic of New Jersey when Pappy was finishing up his Army career in the 80s. No desire to go back there. Blue utopias just don’t float my boat.