Confirmed! 2020 Polling Stunk


Regardless of the reasons so many of the polls we’re so far off, it is clear the polling system is broken.

There are a few conservative pollsters who can be trusted, but that’s it for us.

Nate Silver admits to a strong Democrat bias in polling but less so for Donald Trump. However, that was bad too.

At one point in this thread, Silver says he doesn’t expect the anti-Republican bias, but we fully expect it to continue.

Polls now try to manipulate as opposed to measure public opinion.

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1 year ago

Polls are being used as Propaganda to suppress turnout and coverup election Fraud. The poles “project” what Democrats have decided the results will be after they finish stuffing the ballot boxes.

Key Markets
Key Markets
1 year ago

Dumbed down dullards want mommygov and are okay with the collective what’s yours is mine don’t mind if I do burn it all down better plan.
Everything is destroyed and beyond repair. Save yourself and your people as there is nothing left worth saving.
Something better could arise out of the ashes but only time will tell.