Illegal alien kids go from inhumane conditions to immediate citizenship


Ted Cruz and 17 other GOP senators went to Donna, Texas, where the children are sleeping on floors in close proximity during COVID. Where were the Democrats? They were down there too, but they were in Carrizo Springs where the model program is set up.

They think we are all very stupid, and they are amazingly dishonest.

Children are imprisoned in foil and in close quarters. Crickets from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez by the way. She never cared about the children.

But there is a big plan underway which you can read about below.


In California, the big plan is to get the children into foster homes. They are asking foster families to take in 26 and more children apiece. They are doing this while 30,000 American children are without homes.

California’s Community Care Licensing Office (CCLD) is approaching parents in the state’s foster care system and asking them to tell the agency how many extra beds they had to “serve additional youth,” according to a voicemail recording obtained by The Daily Mail.

A California foster family named the Kalls were interviewed by several stations about the request by social services. At the end of one Fox interview, Sharla Kall states that once in the foster home, they can become citizens immediately. She was cut off before she could say much.

The children can then bring their entire family in through chain migration. The parents, who will enter the US at some point, care so much about their children that they send them with criminals.

You should also know that the Cartels decide who is coming into our country.

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