Congress Asked to Send $50B for Ukraine Now in the Big Shakedown


As the November elections approach, Democrats want $50B for Ukraine for fear of “Ukraine skeptics” turning off the spigot. NBC News reports a bipartisan Congress wants a “huge military assistance package” of $50B for Ukraine.

Did you know we pay their government workers salaries and pensions? It’s a big shakedown.

NBC Report

“House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy of California, who is poised to take over as speaker if the GOP wins a majority in the House in the November midterm elections, warned this week that his fellow party members are “not going to write a blank check to Ukraine.”

“With that threat to Ukraine aid looming, the bipartisan idea under consideration would use a government funding bill during the lame-duck session after the midterms to secure a much higher level of military and other assistance than prior aid packages for Ukraine, according to the lawmaker and the aides.”

Congress has allocated a total of $65 billion in funding to Ukraine since Russia attacked the country in February. That doesn’t count the millions and billions in arms and floating cash that Biden sent. Now they want another $50B

“The new aid package, which most likely would be part of an omnibus spending bill, could be within the range of roughly $50 billion, congressional aides and a source close to the Ukraine government said.”

We have rising gas prices, so Biden drains our emergency reserves. We suffer from inflation and an open border, so Biden protects Ukraine’s borders with our tax dollars. The markets are doing poorly so he pushes ESG. Energy is soaring so he regulates it to death.

Hopefully, the 81 million who voted for him are sorry now. Maybe they don’t think $50B is all that much, who knows?

This guy will make the decision in the end.


The answer to this is “no.” Those 87,000 new IRS agents are to bleed you dry, America.

The answer to this is “never.”

The answer to this is “yes.”

To the next one, “agreed.”

It could also be a payoff. It’s definitely a shakedown.


the big $50B shakedown to bleed you dry.

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