Congressional Republicans try to stop Biden’s OSHA-enforced vaccine law


Congressional Republicans are trying to stop Biden’s Draconian vaccination mandates that include an OSHA mandate to exorbitantly fine private businesses, forcing them to issue vaccine mandates. This is an Executive agency creating a law and enforcing it while circumventing Congress. The law Congress is proposing would force it back to Congress.

The No Taxation Without Congressional Consent Act, states that “no fine, fee, or taxation shall be imposed on any person for violating a COVID–19 vaccine mandate issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or any other executive agency.”

The legislation was introduced by Rep.Chip Roy and Senator Mike Lee, but Republicans are at the mercy of the tyrants in charge.

“Your decision about whether or not to get a COVID vaccine should be yours and yours alone — not Joe Biden’s or a bunch of federal bureaucrats you’ve never heard of,” Rep. Chip Roy said in a statement to Fox News. “The president’s proposed mandate is both unconstitutional and flat-out tyrannical. No freedom-loving American should comply. This country needs and her people deserve, healthcare freedom. That means taking control over our care back from politicians and bureaucrats. I am proud to introduce this legislation with my good friend Senator Mike Lee to gut the federal government’s ability to enforce this unconstitutional mandate.”

“Earlier this month, Biden announced that businesses with 100 or more employees would be forced to require coronavirus vaccinations or test employees weekly,” Fox News reported.

Businesses are leaning towards forced vaccination in many cases.

The bill cuts OSHA out of the process and requires a rule like this to go through Congress. It’s clearly not simply a rule, it’s a law. OSHA shouldn’t be making and enforcing laws.

As Kentucky representative, Thomas Massie wrote, Biden’s latest dictum is clearly “unconstitutional”.

“OSHA has no more authority to enforce this (there’s no statutory authorization) than CDC had to issue the eviction moratorium. Which is to say they both have ZERO authority to do these things. Congress makes the laws in a constitutional republic.”

Ordering private businesses and then becoming enforcers is not the role of an Executive agency.

Dozens of states stand poised to file federal lawsuits the moment the OSHA regulation is actually issued. Arizona’s Attorney General has formally filed a lawsuit over the Biden administration’s federal vaccine mandate.

Biden has given the power to OSHA it should not have under the Constitution.

More than half of the governors or state attorney generals have come out in opposition to President Biden’s announcement that he was issuing federal vaccine mandates. Despite earlier promises to the contrary, the Biden administration intends to issue the most sweeping federal mandates in U.S. history.

Twenty-seven states have gone on the record in opposition to the federal vaccine mandates.

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