Nails it! O’Reilly explains the reason for the vaccine mandates


O’Reilly came up with the reason the radical Democrats are forcing these vaccine mandates beyond what is reasonable. It’s a “totalitarian move,” he said and he explained why. He nailed it!

“With the radical left pushing climate change legislation and vaccine mandates, they hope to create a new mindset among Americans where they need to rely on the government for everything!

“The Covid mandates are embraced by the far left, they love this. Have you ever asked yourself why? Why CNN, why The New York Times, why they fervently want the federal government and state governments to be able to order you to get vaccinated, to wear a mask, to do – to stay at home, to close your business, why do they want that so much?

“Because in order to change our country from capitalism to socialism, you’re going to have to do what you are told by Washington and your state capitals. And this is the first step to training the population to do what you are told. It is a totalitarian play. Some of it is necessary, most of it is not.

“But if the far left can get the American people in the mode of following orders from a centralized government, that is big. It takes away our personal freedoms, it gets – changes the mindset from self-responsibility and self-dependence to them. They tell us what to do.

“OK, now this would be getting nowhere, climate change or the totalitarian mandates without the help of the corporate media.”

And they expect to cleanse industries of the disobedient Americans. It’s a purge.


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