Conservative arrested by the Feds for tweeting voter disinformation memes in 2016


A conservative Florida man was arrested for Twitter posts from September to November 2016. Douglass Mackey, aka Ricky Vaughn, 31, an influencer from West Palm Beach, used social media platforms to disseminate misinformation designed to deprive individuals of their constitutional right to vote.

The 2020 election was filled with fraud and the DoJ couldn’t find a thing wrong.

Why don’t they go after Shaun King? He’s constantly lying and spreading misinformation, inciting riots, and so on, online.

Apparently, with others — an alleged conspiracy — he used social media to send out fake tweets telling supporters to vote via text or social media. That’s illegal.

He apparently sent one with a picture of a black woman. He was spreading the disinformation to blacks. The DoJ said 4900 people voted by text.

I remember hearing about him, but I thought it was a joke — that he was joking.

Vaughn is allegedly a racist and anti-Semitic white nationalist. We have no idea if that’s true or not, but it’s not illegal to be a miserable person.

He faces ten years in prison.

The DoJ is a terrifying organization.

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1 year ago

If you think that you can vote by Tweeting, then you are too dumb to ever be allowed to vote! The only fraud free voting is in person, verified by an ID, on paper, and hand counted by at least the Two Major Parties and any other established Party who wants to count votes. After the 2020 Election, anything less is suspect.

Bud Sage
Bud Sage
1 year ago

So what’s next? Conservative weatherman is arrested by FBI for maliciously predicting rain on Election Day to discourage voters from going to the polls? This meme clearly affected Democrat voters disproportionally, since Dems are silly enough to believe it.

1 year ago

The DOJ and the ChiCom controlled FBI are attempting to provoke a violent confrontation with some alleged “white nationalists” group to justiofy a nationwide crackdown. This ridiculous indictment and arrest is just another opportunity to pour gasoline on a raging fire. The only criminal here is the US Attorney who faked evidence to obtainthe indictment and arrest.

Tilted Brim Cigarillo Poncho
Tilted Brim Cigarillo Poncho
1 year ago

Anti-Heroes are never miserable and I salute you for having the fortitude to keep the Sentinel up.
Go for as long as and far as you can is what Pappy always said and he will be my hero forever.
The commies thought they had him but he escaped in his Tiger Stripe like Mr. Rabbit.
All institutions are completely corrupted and weaponized and they are not to be trusted.
Shun them for they are the abominations of desolation.
Now we know that Trump was the real deal as the CPUSA has gone full bat guano because he put the brakes on the Fundamental Transformation for a few years.
Used the time as wisely as I could and might as well make a stand here.