Conservative Censorship Site GDI Lost State-Funded NED $$$$


Summit News reports that the US State Department-funded Global Disinformation Index punished conservative websites by throttling their advertising revenue if they gave credence to the COVID-19 lab leak theory. They did it even though the theory is probably true. They only just lost their funding from Biden’s State Department-funded NED since they were caught red-handed. NED didn’t seem to care when a whistleblower came forward, but they care since Jonathan Turley wrote about it.

NED notified Jonathan Turley that they would no longer fund GDI. The prominent law professor has been on top of this on his blog. He correctly wrote: …this effort should be included in the broader investigations by Congress, so we can have the full facts on what is being done to score or to censor speech. We also do not know the full role or knowledge of the federal government in such efforts.

WE NEED AN INVESTIGATION OF NED! What kind of democracy and freedom are they supporting around the world?


The UK-based Global Disinformation Index is a British-based non-profit group that received $665,000 from the Global Engagement Center and National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a State Department-funded group, while oversaw censorship of “conspiracy theories” about COVID-19.

They decided the lab leak in Wuhan was “fact-checked and proven untrue.”

That theory has always been reasonable and very likely. Now it’s almost certainly true.

They pressured Big Tech to cut advertising from conservative sites with lies.

The group targeted firms “providing ad revenue streams to known disinformation sites peddling coronavirus conspiracies.”

Microsoft later had to suspend its partnership with the group after the GDI used the company’s Xandr advertising and analytics subsidiary to freeze out conservative sites.

We already reported this, but it can’t be reported enough. Our tax dollars are supporting this.

Twitter Files #17 has been out since January 27 with more information on censorship.


The blacklist includes sites like Daily Wire, Newsmax, The Blaze, Epoch Times, RedState, and Townhall. There are about 2,000 conservative sites listed. On the other hand, they praise leftist sites like Pro Publica, Buzzfeed, HuffPo, and The Washington Post.

GDI called Townhall “reprehensible” and “offensive.”

Townhall is an excellent site; nothing is reprehensible or offensive about it. The information came out after a whistleblower came forward.

Breitbart noted that these sites they see as low risk are left-leaning. [They often report the news inaccurately, omit essential information, and add subtle biases.]
  1. HuffPost
  2. New York Times
  3. The Washington Post
  4. AP News
  5. NPR
  6. ProPublica
  7. BuzzFeed News
  8. USA Today
  9. Insider
  10. Wall Street Journal
The sites they find unacceptable are right-leaning:
  1. New York Post
  2. RealClearPolitics
  3. Reason Magazine
  4. The Federalist
  5. The Daily Wire
  6. The Blaze
  7. One America News Network
  8. The American Conservative
  9. Newsmax
  10. The American Spectator

They didn’t bother to ask Li Meng Yan who worked at Wuhan.

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