Garland’s Terrible, Awful, Incoherent Answers on the Fentanyl Crisis


Attorney General Garland didn’t effectively answer any questions at yesterday’s senate hearings. When he did answer, he was incoherent or dishonest. He was awful during the questioning of the fentanyl crisis. He’s not serious and won’t do anything about the problem.

Fentanyl comes from cartels and the Chinese communists. It’s a serious national security threat.

Merrick Garland told the Senate Judiciary Committee that the United States could not designate Mexican drug cartels trafficking fentanyl across the border as terrorist organizations. It would cause problems with the [narco] Mexican government.

However, it is the one thing that would stop this disaster.

Garland also claimed that the Justice Department has the tools to fight the drug cartels but could not explain why the problem is worse than ever.

Fentanyl trafficking by Mexican drug cartels is the leading cause of death for Americans aged 18-45.

Garland’s answers were incoherent no matter who he responded to, which is likely why the media didn’t say a word about it on the radio today.

THE FBI designated Catholics as terrorists and removed the designation when they were caught. However, when Sen. Hawley asked Garland how many agents he has positioned in US churches, he WOULDN’T ANSWER! He’s worried about churches, not fentanyl and cartels.

Sen. Graham asked Garland if he supported mandatory minimums for people dealing in fentanyl, and he claimed we have them. We don’t.

When the mother in the clip below discussed the tragedy she suffered losing two sons to fentanyl poisoning, Biden’s blasé response was it happened when Trump was President. We don’t care. When are YOU going to do something, Joe?

He simply doesn’t care and won’t do a thing.  The only thing he seems to care about is Ukraine.

More fentanyl and deaths are occurring now, but he doesn’t care.

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6 months ago

The Master at Arms should have thrown Garland into Jail yesterday for lying to Congress. It is unfathomable that Garland did not know the answers to the questions he was being asked. If he didn’t, then he is too unfit for office to remain as AG. If nothing else, he should be impeached for the Government sponsored attempt at the Religious Prosecution of Catholics. I’d like to see the Congress vote against that and alienate about 25% of American and probably at least 50% overall. The Impeachment of Garland is very doable if only the Republicans can find the will.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
6 months ago

History suggests that like the bribed official during prohibition, there are a lot of people in government making a lot of money from fentanyl.
IS there any incentive for those people to stop profiteering?