Conspiracy Theorist Eric Swalwell Had an Active Election Campaign in Paris


Eric Swalwell, who was never in danger of losing his congressional seat, spent about three times his salary campaigning in luxurious resorts, including France. That does make for a strange campaign. Is he running for office in Paris?

Fang Fang helped fundraise for Swalwell. According to an intelligence report, she came with benefits.

Fox News reports that filings show that Swalwell’s campaign spent nearly $583,000 on travel expenses during the 2022 elections. Pelosi, by contrast, finished the cycle by putting $434,000 into reported travel expenses, according to a review of her records.

According to Fox, Swalwell has consistently used international donor funds on limousines, flights, yachts, and posh hotels.

Throughout the 2022 elections, its most considerable travel expense was $20,240 to the Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay, where his wife was the sales director until 2019.

Swalwell’s committee spent thousands of dollars in Paris, France, including $1,800 early last May at the five-star Hotel La Maison Champs-Elysées, where nightly rooms run from around $1,000 to $1,200 per night, Fox reports

Is it a shock that a man who cavorts with a Chinese spy also sucks the coffers dry for his luxuries while the rest of America suffers under bad Democrat policies?

He spent 3,538.94 at the Ritz Hotel Paris – only the best. Then there was the $4,708 at Loews Miami Beach, $28,646 at Just Dreaming Yacht Charters, and a whopping $131,000 in childcare expenses.

Why was he in France? He’s a California representative. This is definitely not what the Founders had in mind. The children must have lived it up also if childcare came to $131,000.

He didn’t wear a mask but the camels did on one of his trips.

Swalwell is a notorious conspiracy theorist who spun false stories around the Russiagate hoax. He never paid the price for it, and he won’t pay a price for living it up in France or sleeping with a CCP spy, either.

Swalwell constantly spins out conspiracy theories. That’s his key role in the House.

Donald Trump noted the hypocrisy, but Swalwell wears it like a badge of honor. He can’t be embarrassed.

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3 months ago

Someone needs to kick Smallballs balls up between his teeth.

Biden on hot mic about balloons after his speech in Poland.
Biden: “You think any of these guys bought that bullsh**?” ⠀
Aide: “Totally” ⠀ 
Biden: “They’ll buy anything…Let’s get outta here.” 
Along the watchtower
Along the watchtower
3 months ago

Doesn’t the booster work for STD’s

Last edited 3 months ago by Along the watchtower
3 months ago

It is indeed that it is California and although they put him in office, they also indicate their mental state. WOW!!!!!

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
3 months ago

Swamp creature