Project Veritas Begs Donors to Keep Funding Them


The Post Millennial obtained a letter from Project Veritas to donors pleading for them to give them a chance. It’s as evasive as their statement claiming they didn’t fire him; although, most people would say unpaid leave for an indefinite period of time from the company you founded is FIRING.

The subject line read: “Update: We hold everyone accountable, especially ourselves.”

“We understand and share your frustrations. We all love and respect James and hope he returns. This is difficult for everyone.”

[They love and respect James?]

Bethany Rolando signed the letter. She is one of the 16 staff members who demanded James O’Keefe leave or they would.

The letter accused Mr. O’Keefe of spending money on himself and being a mean boss. For example, he allegedly called one male employee a “pussy,” and allegedly stole a pregnant woman’s sandwich.

They say they were concerned about employee issues, including his interaction with senior staff after a Leadership call on January 31, 2023.

After only one call, “Staff across multiple departments were ready to leave PV immediately if his conduct remained unaddressed.” Maybe they are “pussies.”

When this started, Project Veritas had 1.4 million followers on Twitter, and James O’Keefe had 1.1 million. We didn’t have the exact number. This morning Project Veritas had 1.169,325 and James O’Keefe had 1,378,928.

James O’Keefe seemed to be ousted without any opportunity for due process from this alleged truth and justice organization.

Additionally, they lied about what was happening. For example, the executive director Daniel Strack put out a photo of James O’Keefe with Robert F. Kennedy hiking and claimed he was taking the much-needed vacation that they’ve had to encourage him to take. Meanwhile, he was on unpaid leave and indefinite suspension without input from him.

There isn’t too much veritas coming from those involved in the veritas coup.

Mr. O’Keefe addressed much of what he was accused of doing on this link.

Two of the lies are already debunked. Everything they said about donors Wally and Diane Remmers is not valid. It sounds like there was a lot of unfortunate gossip at Project Veritas.

Read the beggar’s letter yourself. We are donors so we received the letter as well.
Dear Maura,


We understand and share your frustrations. We all love and respect James and hope he returns. This is difficult for everyone.

An independent two-dimensional audit is being arranged to examine all of the issues, including those outlined below:

1) Breaking the Bylaws of the organization by unilaterally dismissing the CFO and co-opting another board member’s vote by saying that board member supported the dismissal (they did not).

2) Private inurement/fiduciary responsibility (using donations for private benefit). The board included in its statement what it is aware of so far which clearly warrants this internal audit to ensure your hard-earned, and graciously donated, money is utilized appropriately. We hope to know more details around this soon.

3) Concern with employment laws/workplace safety regarding appropriate treatment of the employees was based, in part, on his interaction with senior staff in a Leadership call on January 31, 2023. Staff across multiple departments were ready to leave PV immediately if his conduct remained unaddressed.

Project Veritas has had 140 employees leave the company over the last seven years, some through their own volition, others were terminated, and the organization has incurred legal expenditures because of some of those terminations/actions. 20 of the 140 employees were in management positions leading to potential succession plan issues to assure the long-term viability of the company.

James’ “removal” was not a removal. He specifically said he did not resign, and the board did not fire him. The board placed him on a temporary suspension until the audit was completed. The board wanted him to delegate management of staff to the department heads so he can focus his true talent, efforts, and best use of his time on the journalism/stories and less on the day-to-day personnel management.

He has been invited, but has chosen not to, engage in conversations with the board and management following steps taken so far with the goal of returning to Project Veritas. Instead, he requested no change in authority and that most of the officers and all of the board of directors immediately resign.

For what it’s worth, there are 60+ of us here at PV who remain passionately dedicated to James’ mission. It is what brought all of us together. While we cannot control online narratives, and unfortunately cannot chime in to individually defend ourselves in the public sphere at present, we can assure you we remain steadfast and determined to expose corruption.

The mission and our work continue. We just released the following this afternoon:

Veritas Attorney Responds to Pfizer Security’s Use of Force Towards PV Journalists

We hope that you might continue to give us a chance. We can’t stress how separate the board’s role is from daily operations here at PV. We are still grinding and pursuing stories of great public importance.

In either case, thank you so much for your support in the past and we hope we might regain your trust if you’ll give us a chance.

In Veritas,

The Project Veritas Team




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