Conspiracy Theory? Businessmen Ask for Unvaxxed Crews on Private Jets


A former Qantas pilot Alan Dana said last July that private jet companies constantly get calls from wealthy businessmen and companies asking for an unvaccinated crew on business jets. He said they were getting calls from people going to Davos (The World Economic Forum). Mr. Dana is quoting Josh Yoder, the head of US Freedom Flyers.

Forced mass vaccination is a worldwide phenomenon. The World Economic Forum (WEF) is partly responsible. They are pushing for these vaccinations, and they have influence over The World Health Organization and government officials. The WEFers are the kooks who push for authoritarianism globally under the guise of climate change.

We can’t say if this former pilot is accurate, but we thought it interesting enough to post.

Some of the videos on ZEEE media are not nearly accurate, but we wondered about this.

Full Video with Mr. Dana talking about pilots who complain of adverse effects from the vaccination (go to 39:00 for that particular comment):

Is Mr. Dana blowing smoke? It certainly wouldn’t surprise me if it’s accurate. Plane crashes for thee, but not for me. Does anyone have more information?

In the following clip, a pilot explains that his heart went into atrial fibrillation within hours of the shot.

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