Massive Numbers of Leftist Men Having Vasectomies Over Roe v. Wade


Left-wing man holding placard, Bans off our bodies rally, DC Wikimedia Commons lic

There is an interesting article at They found that a massive wave of liberal [actually leftist is a better descriptor] men are getting vasectomies.

 After Texas became the first state to successfully ban abortions in late 2021 — with some reports indicating an increase of 15% in the number of men seeking vasectomies.

After that, NPR indicated those numbers are shooting up nationwide. And thankfully, the men getting vasectomies are the ones who would be perfectly fine with having their own child killed in an abortion.

Now, doctors say there has been a 100-200% increase in vasectomies over the last six months following Dobbs.

“There was an increase of basically 100% in the number of vasectomies from the moment Roe v. Wade was overturned,” Dr. Esgar Guarin, the co-founder of SimpleVas Medical Clinic, told Yahoo News.

The article reports that other doctors and Planned Parenthood are seeing the same thing.

The author of the article, Steven Ertelt, also notes that it’s achieving the purpose of allowing abortion limits – make the decisions before creating a baby, not after.

That’s a great point.

From my point of view, if leftists want to cull their herd, who am I to complain? Keep at it, leftists.

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