Constitution-Averse Rep. Nancy Pelosi Demands Speaker Form a Gun-Grab Committee


Nancy Pelosi, the Constitution averse House minority leader, sent a letter to Speaker and Republican-light Paul Ryan to immediately create a select committee on gun violence and passage of the King-Thompson background check legislation. Hopefully the Speaker will resist the bait but it seems like he often agrees with her.

While it’s untrue, Pelosi claimed there is “an epidemic of gun violence” in the country. She is using the mass shooting in Las Vegas as proof.

She gave the usual misleading statistics ignoring the gangland violence, pretending the real problem is legal guns. The epidemic is in gang violence and much of it is in places with strict gun laws.

The FBI okayed every gun sale for the Vegas killer, Stephen Paddock, he passed every background check, but it is likely he converted some of his guns to automatic illegally. The hotel doesn’t allow guns in the hotel rooms and he violated their rules by bringing in ten suitcases filled with weapons and 30 lbs. of explosives. No gun law would have stopped him.

Congress has a moral duty to support our 2nd Amendment and our Constitution. The left are calling them immoral for doing it.

This committee is an excuse to badger the Republicans to pass gun legislation and set up another Democrat issue to campaign on during the election year.

The King-Thompson legislation is bipartisan as she writes in her letter because the bad Republicans signed on. The bill has been around for at least three years and keeps getting re-introduced. It’s anti-gun and was endorsed by  FOUR anti-gun groups . One of the so-called Republicans is Peter King who helped pass laws in New York that have effectively taken our gun rights away. We don’t have a 2nd Amendment in New York.

We already have the FBI background checks.

Democrats want to ban most popular rifles and shotguns and their ultimate aim is to ban handguns. They want to tax guns and bullets out of existence, confiscate guns, and so on. They’ve taken guns from veterans and the elderly who need help with reading and writing, and last November, 11 states said they are considering measures to allow judges to bar citizens from owning guns if someone believes they are a threat to themselves or others. They are taking away the 2nd Amendment and turning it over to a judge without due process prior to the confiscation.

The left have revealed their goals and they can no longer say such accusations are the stuff of conspiracy theories.

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Jim Hawkins
Jim Hawkins
6 years ago

Nancy Pelosi is a board certified idiot. What else should one expect from the cesspool we call California? Illegal aliens are welcome there in exchange for votes for lunatics.

6 years ago

Ryan is on thin ice or he would consider this. He will be removed with any significant act that alienates the base. His rhetoric has changed. My hope is that he makes such a mistake.