Constitutional lawyer: VP has no authority but there are remedies for fraud


KrisAnne Hall is a conservative constitutional lawyer. She explains the law and how it affects the January 6th certification of the Electoral College votes in the video below. On one hand, you might not like what you hear about the Vice President’s authority, but on the other hand, there are constitutional remedies to deal with the fraud.

There are NO dueling Electors, and that won’t be an issue on January 6th.


The VP is merely the Parliamentarian.

The Vice President is the Senate President. His role is to open the sealed documents and give them the electoral votes to count. If it was an electoral tie, it could go to Congress. The Vice President has no authority to reject or accept the votes. If there is an objection, there has to be a vote.

The Vice President only opens the certificates. He has no authority to decide which votes count constitutionally.

The Vice President can never constitutionally decide the election. You don’t want him to have that power. One person can’t decide an election.

We must never violate the Constitution — it is our protection.

Five times in our history, voter fraud was addressed. It can be rectified.


There was powerful evidence of fraud so what can be done? Nothing will happen on the 6th to save the Trump presidency. The votes just aren’t there for Congress to overturn the election. It would take a simple majority in the House and the Senate.

The Supreme Court refused to take up the legitimate Texas case and they failed to perform their constitutional duty.  That case was a constitutional remedy. There is no dispute to standing as the Supreme Court members said. It’s in the Constitution of the United States and Pennsylvania.

Also, the congressional objections can be a remedy, buy Democrats control the House so don’t expect it.

The Pennsylvania lawsuit has yet to be heard, but the Court knows it’s inconsequential. It won’t alter the outcome of the election.

Attorney Hall says the secretary of state concealed evidence and should be in jail.

The solution has to be at the state level. Until then, we have to engage in peaceful non-compliance.

Watch at 30 minutes for the information on the Vice President’s role:

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