Michelle calls for leftists to ‘Determine the Direction of this State and Country’ and vote


Michelle Obama is pleading with minorities to get out and vote. She made her point during a video aired at a crazy drive-in concert in Georgia. The concert was aimed at pumping up the crowd to get to the polls. If you go to the linked clip, Michelle starts speaking at about 1:00. She made it clear that voting for Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock will determine the direction of the state and the country.

“Remember, there are a lot of people out there who are counting on you to sit this election out,” she said in the video played at the concert. “But if you take charge of your power, you and the folks in your community can determine the direction of this state and this country.”

Vote for them:

What direction is that? It’s towards the hard-left.


The Democrats want a one-party state with all the power resting in the central government. The control will be exercised primarily through heavy taxation and regulation with prison for resisters.

They plan to destroy the Electoral College, stack the Supreme Court, take our guns and our free speech, spend wildly and regulate to no end, and make DC and PR states for a permanent electoral majority. They will fundamentally transform us into a nation without a middle class or religion, one that kills babies up to the moment of birth and perhaps after. It will be a society that lets its elderly die, enriches China, and continues to fund the elite on Wall Street. The borders will be immediately opened, and so will prisons. Hate and identity politics will define all that we do.

This is what the Marxist Michelle Obama wants for all of you.

Georgia’s population is 32% black. About 9% of the population is Hispanic. About 88% of blacks will vote for the two communists, Ossoff and Warnock, and about 60% of the Hispanics will vote for them.

The communist/socialist contingent led by Stacey Abrams has done a masterful job of getting them out to vote. Republicans can only win if they come out en masse.


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2 years ago

Big Mike should save his breath. Thanks to cowardly and corrupt Republicans, Leftists ALREADY determine the direction of the country.

Steel Toed Stompers
Steel Toed Stompers
2 years ago

Elder fam is up in arms over Real ID requirement to renew license.
Soc Sec card, birth certificate, marriage license, are required in Red State but check local listings.
The comrades are salivating over the glistening gleaming steaming prize of a fundamentally destroyed society of soft weak wards of the state.
Comrade kommissar Chuck the Suck will give away the game plan out of arrogance while Bad Touch Biden will have a Freudian slip.
The best and brightest aren’t all that and no bag of chips is included.