Voter Turnout in Georgia’s Expensive Senate Runoff Lighter than Expected


Voter turnout in the Georgia Senate runoff election appears to be lighter than expected, according to Georgia’s Secretary of State’s office. “I’m hearing of virtually no lines across the state,” said Jordan Fuchs, Georgia’s Deputy Secretary of State.

More than three million Georgians have already voted early in the highly contested race. The results will determine the balance of power in the U.S, Senate. A win by at least one of the Republicans will keep the Senate in the hands of the Republicans. But a loss by both will shift power to Democrats, 50-50, with Kamala Harris casting the tie-breaking vote.

The hotly-contested Senate runoff campaign was funded by mostly out-of-state donors. The two Democrats set records by raising over $110 million between November 4th and November 23rd, as reported by Bloomburg. Of their online donations, 96 percent came from out of state. About one-quarter of those donations came from California.

Incumbent Republican candidates raised less than $60 million dollars from online donations during the same time frame. Both parties raised about the same amount of in-state campaign contributions.

Democrat challenger Jon Issoff is the highest-funded candidate in the history of Senate elections. Issoff raised almost $107 million in a two-month period from mid-October to mid-December 2020, as reported by Savannah Morning News.

This speaks to the importance of this Senate runoff election. The future of the Senate, some say the future of the country, rests on the results of today’s election.

However, voter turnout may be more of a factor than the amount of money raised by the candidates.

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  1. Georgia is a big movie making place now and the CPUSA fellow travelers from Hollywood are out to fundamentally transform the state for the good of the collective.
    The Dominion went down to Georgia and it was looking for an election or two to steal.
    They should raise the taxes on the SJW agitprop delusional movie making comrades in the interest of egalitarian Marxism.

    • I voted today, as usual. No lines or obvious malfunctions at my polling place, as usual. I’m a conservative voter in a reliably blue, college town. My vote only cancels my next door neighbor. That’s all it ever does. This country is in for some very tough years if these senate seats fall. You’re going to see the true stripes of the D.C. marxists. I hope I’m wrong but I won’t be surprised if Antifa and BLM are eclipsed by an even more violent movement that welcomes a vicious fight. This country is not confronting elections corruption and the effects will lead to desperate acts of rage and a flagrant disobedience of any illegitimate authority, from all sides. The people responsible for this cheating are intentionally fomenting hate while the people who could have stopped them, failed to act. These two senate seats have the weight of the free world on them, now. It should have never gone this far. I hope I’m very wrong but I think it’s obvious this once free country is rapidly circling the drain.

  2. Reports of machine failures in Republican districts. The voters are being told their “provisional” ballots will be counted later. Yeah, Right!.

    Live coverage starting at 5:30.

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