Cook Report Moves 3 Swing States to Trump, 3 Others Might


On Tuesday, the Cook Report, a well-respected campaign watchers outfit, moved Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada from their “toss-up” category to “lean Republican.” Additionally, New Hampshire, Minnesota, and Nebraska have shifted from “likely Democrat” to “lean Democrat.”

They are nonpartisan and have an impressive, though imperfect, record.

Cook Political Report’s updates show that key jurisdictions — including crucial swing states like Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada — are currently breaking for former President Donald Trump with about four months to go until Election Day.

Cook’s updates suggest that Biden is shedding voters after his disastrous debate on June 27. He appeared to be a man well into his dotage.

It’s now obvious to more voters that he is not too old but rather too mentally deficient to hold the highest office in the land.

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