International Leaders Didn’t Notice Biden’s Craziness


President Biden wants to use this week’s NATO summit in Washington to reassert his leadership for the benefit of the Democratic Party and Western allies. The allies are allegedly unsure what to make of the unfolding political crisis.

Where have they been?

Since Biden has been like this for years, one must consider that they are in a gaslighting conspiracy. They want Joe. He does what they want and funds them.

Axios said the summit is key to restoring his leadership because it commemorates 75 years since the alliance was established. It is Biden’s first major international event since last month’s debate raised doubts about his capacity to lead NATO’s most important ally.

It’s not going well. I think he was trying to say “talking” here, but people were uncertain because he frequently can’t speak coherently.

Many NATO leaders and diplomats are privately eager to see Biden up close, having tracked the fallout from his debate fiasco from afar.

“People are coming to witness whether Biden is or is no longer [in charge],” one European diplomat said.

Again, they had to know how bad he was for some time. They don’t have the US interests at heart. Their only concern is that they can’t hide his decrepidation any longer.

European officials and diplomats have expressed concerns about the situation in private, especially given their growing anxiety about the possibility that former President Trump will return to the White House.

Some U.S. officials even told reporters during a pre-summit briefing that Biden planned to participate in an event during the NATO summit that will take place after 8 p.m., which is past the time he said he’d give it up.

That’s pathetic.

His team will hold a “big boy” conference after his performance. The team is subpar.

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