Cop Killer brags on video about his life of crime & getting out of prison easily


Tavores Dewayne Henderson was wanted for the murder of Nassau Bay Police Sergeant Kaila Sullivan. He has been captured, but there is more to that awful story.

Henderson murdered Nassau Bay Police Sergeant Kaila Sullivan during a traffic stop on Tuesday. He is a career criminal who has bragged about his extensive criminal history on social media.

The 21-year-old hit the Police Sergeant, 43, and dragged her with a Jeep as he was fleeing the scene.

He is a career criminal with pending charges.

Recently, he was arrested in Galveston and Montgomery counties for allegedly stealing tools from Home Depot stores, according to KHOU.

In February, Henderson was charged with domestic violence in Harris County after he allegedly pointed a gun at the mother of his children and threatened to shoot her if she didn’t open the door to her vehicle to allow him to get in, KHOU reported.

When the victim complied, he allegedly choked her and threatened to “knock all her teeth out of her mouth,” according to court documents.

They broke up and he attacked her again. There was a domestic violence warrant out on him.


He calls himself “The Real Killah Dre,” bragged about posting $100,000 bail, and running loose once again.

“Y’all thought the kid wasn’t coming home, huh?” Henderson boasted in the video as he burst out of the front doors of the jail in celebration. “Over three counties, mother–ker! Over three motherf–king different bonds – three cases – look at this!”

He then flaunted his release paperwork, and bragged about having posted approximately $100,000 to bail himself out, the video showed.

“And the kid’s still back at it, man!” Henderson declared, fanning out a stack of $20 bills for the camera.

He doesn’t look so happy now that he has been captured.

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