Whitmer’s subjects are starting to ignore her, a million of them


We were told we had to flatten the curve so the hospitals have enough beds for people who contracted the coronavirus. Americans cooperated. Then we were told we had to crush the curve and we did that too. Now Democratic governors and mayors won’t open for weeks or months, and some, like the LA mayor, want a cure before they open.

Dr. Fauci doesn’t help. He needs to stop talking. The good doctor doesn’t stick to what he knows and starts predicting and speculating that too many people will die if we open the economy.

It looks like the Democrats will gleefully turn the country into the worst mess humanely possible to make sure senile Joe Biden gets elected. All or almost all of the tyrannical lockdowns are in Democrats states, cities, and towns.

There are signs their hold is breaking, even with the constant hysteria in the media.

For example, the tyrannical witch who is running Michigan into the ground is losing her power. She had to take the license away from a 77-year-old barber for opening his shop to show how powerful she is.

She said, “These executive orders are not a suggestion. They’re not optional. They’re not helpful hints,” as she explained why she did this terrible thing to a 77-year-old man who worked all his life to establish his business.

Now, her residents are starting to not stay at home, at least a million of them last week.


According to the New York Times, people by the millions are starting to go out again.

“No state saw a larger drop in the share of people staying home last week than Michigan, even though its stay-at-home order remained in place. While half of the state’s residents stayed home on average during the preceding six weeks, that number declined by nearly 11 percentage points last week, as approximately one million people there started moving around again,” the Times reported.

Thankfully, people are getting smart and ignoring her.

These Democrats, who won’t let this crisis go to waste, won’t be able to keep the people down much longer. They were hoping to keep it going until November no doubt. People need to remember this. If you vote for a Democrat, you will see much more of these dictatorial orders. They’re just getting started and they don’t care about your civil rights.



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