COP27: Climate Hell, Suicide, We’re All Going to Perish


“Cooperate or perish,” the dictator Club’s secretary general Antonio Guterres warned. The U.N. leader criticized the United States and China for continuing to cause the most pollution on Earth. He claimed we were not doing anything to stop it.

The hysterical man, anxious to get his hands on our tax dollars, said the world “is on a highway to climate hell with our foot on the accelerator.”

The world, he warned, was fast approaching tipping points that would make climate chaos “irreversible.”

As if he knows. The man is a Marxist using global warming to push his agenda. Nothing works as well as do as I say or perish.

“Climate change is on a different timeline and a different scale,” he added.

“It is the defining issue of our age.”

“Humanity has a choice,” Guterres said, adding: “It is either a climate solidarity pact or a collective suicide pact.”

We should go with the suicide past. There is no way these people are going to do a thing to stop global warming.

“Choose life over death,” former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, the non-scientist, urged dramatically. “It is not time for moral cowardice.”

They discussed the “rich” nations giving reparations for all the alleged harm we allegedly do. If we don’t do it, we might perish.

The left wants fewer animals for the climate.

We anxiously await the discussions on limiting meat intake. They are demanding a 30% reduction in methane emissions.

Eighty percent of the meat institute is allegedly on board.

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