Corker-Trump Feud Blows Up on Twitter


Unpopular Tennessee Senator Bob Corker has been engaged in a Twitter fight with the President. He’s angry that the President didn’t fold on the border wall and accept the stopgap spending bill. That drove him on Friday to tell the media we were succumbing to the “tyranny of radio talk show hosts”.

Corker thinks Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter guide the President’s decisions.

“We have two talk-radio show hosts who basically influenced the president, and we’re in a shutdown mode. It’s just—that’s tyranny, isn’t it?” Corker said to reporters on Friday.

The man needs a dictionary so he can look up the meaning of tyranny.

No reporter found his statements absurd. Corker then interviewed with Jake Tapper on CNN and he attacked the Presiden viciously, something he has done since the President took office.

President Trump mocked Corker after he ripped into him.

Corker then responded with a daycare crack.

Trump got Corker and McGurk in one tweet.

The interview was vicious and it’s very understandable that the President was angry. You can watch it on this link. The President defends against these attacks because he’s the only one to do it.

Whatever anyone thinks of the President, it doesn’t change the fact that Senator Bob Corker is a fool. He thinks a border wall is a “contrived fight,” and the borders will be insecure no matter who wins. He said they had $25 billion that could have been spent on border security.

The $25 billion would have come after the amnesty for millions. That’s the deal Democrats sold to Presidents several times since 1986 and they never came through with the border security. Surely, Corker knows that.

We are importing the criminal culture from these countries to the south of us. On the average, one police officer died each day in Mexico in 2018.

Watch the cartel lay in wait for the officers and ask yourself if we should leave our borders open. If we have $25 billion in security but no wall, we all know it won’t work.


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