Cornerback Took His $4 Million Signing Bonuses & Retired Mid-Game


Buffalo Bills cornerback Vontae Davis came off the field at halftime Sunday against the Los Angeles Chargers. He decided in the middle of a game that he was retiring then and there. His teammates and coach had no idea what was going on. He has the right but there’s something people need to know.

Davis had just received millions in signing bonuses. He got his $1.5 million signing bonus and a workout bonus of $250,000. He is guaranteed a base salary of $2.25 million base salary. He’s earned $46,000 of his $750,000 46-man active bonus. And he earned $31,250 of his $250,000, 53-man active bonus. In other words, he took $4 million and then walked off the field mid-game.

Davis, a two-time Pro Bowl cornerback, retired at halftime, not hanging around to watch his team lose 31-20. Buffalo head coach Sean McDermott confirmed that Davis left.

“Pulled himself out of the game. He communicated to us that he was done,” McDermott told reporters. Davis, 30, later put out a statement on Twitter explaining his decision.

“This isn’t how I pictured retiring from the NFL,” the statement said. “But today on the field, reality hit me and hard. I shouldn’t be out there anymore.”

He also apologized to his teammates, saying he “meant no disrespect,” but decided on the field that he “didn’t feel right,” as he took off with his $4 million. He got his, and abandoned his teammates mid-game.

Davis couldn’t even stay on the sidelines? He didn’t know he was going to retire before or after the game? Perhaps he wanted the drama and coverage.

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