Cornyn to Biden Regime: “Where Do You Think Electricity Comes From?”


Senator John Cornyn said today in a press conference that the policies of this administration are making things worse, not better. Energy prices are going through the roof. Now we have Joe Biden going off to Glasgow to presumably tell the climate summit participants how he’s going to make it harder for Americans to use energy sources by further restricting the use of fossil fuels.

The Texas Senator started out by asking ‘where do you think electricity comes from?’ For example, Joe Biden insists that we go to electric cars. It comes from natural gas, coal, nuclear power, and hydro, and this administration is “doing nothing to increase our independence to be able to produce our own energy here in America. In fact, they are making it harder,” he said.

Senator Cornyn continued to talk about the escalating prices here and in Europe while Russia is allowed to build a pipeline enabling them to control Europe’s energy.


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