Corporate Media Ignores A Week of Non-Maga Extremists Committing Actual Acts of Terror


Corporate Media Ignores A Week of Non-Maga Extremists

Committing Actual Acts of Terror

by James S. Soviero


After days of hearing Biden and his chorus of clapping media seals bleating about the dark threat posed by MAGA Republicans, we got a week full of actual extremists committing genuine acts of terror.

Here are the Cliff Notes Versions covering three horrific, deadly attacks.
Rob Telles

1). Sheriff Joe Lombardo reported Clark County Public Administrator Robert “Rob” Telles, a Democrat, was taken into custody at his home by police hours after the killing of Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Jeff German.

The Las Vegas-area elected public official was ordered to be held without bail after he was arrested for the fatal stabbing of a veteran newspaper reporter whose investigations of the Dem’s work preceded his primary loss.

“This a terrible and jarring homicide,” Lombardo said during the news conference. “One that has deeply impacted Las Vegas. Every murder is tragic, but the killing of a journalist is particularly troublesome.”

Cleotha Abston and photo of Eliza Fletcher with her family.

2). Eliza Fletcher, a wife, mother, kindergarten teacher, and marathon runner, was kidnapped, then allegedly murdered by Cleotha Abston.  Ms. Fletcher was out for an early morning training run when a video showed “a black GMC Terrain passing and then waiting for the victim to run by.” A male exited the car, ran toward Fletcher, and forced her into the passenger’s seat.”

DNA linked Abston, who has a lengthy criminal record that included rape, aggravated robbery, and kidnapping, to this latest crime. In 2000, those convictions had earned him a 24-year sentence.

Tragically for Ms. Fletcher, her family, and her students. a wholly unreformed Abston was released in 2020, 4 years early.  It was a deadly mistake that cost Eliza her life.

Ezekiel D. Kelly

3). But the most outrageous headline story buried by the MSM was the live-streamed mass shooting in Memphis.  A 19-year-old man, Ezekiel D. Kelly, was arrested and charged with first-degree murder after four people died and three were wounded in multiple shootings last Wednesday.

Court records show Kelly was released from prison this year after serving 11 months of a three-year sentence for aggravated assault. That would make the second alleged killer in Memphis who enjoyed the benefits of a “woke” justice system at the expense of slaughtered innocents.

Why was coverage from an “if it bleeds, it leads media” missing in action on these stories?

The fellow who stabbed the reporter to death was a Democrat. Abston and Kelly were both Black and beneficiaries of soft-on-crime policies that led to multiple murders.

Let’s face it. Those killers, especially after the slandering of MAGA Republicans, were treated to some Democrat immunity by a corrupt, complicit press.

And not even a heinous mass shooting could change that.

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Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor
8 months ago

Oh, I am OK being a deplorable, insensitive, conservative, thankless, Caucasian, male, MAGA, public threat as I sit on my porch and watch another sunset with my best friend, Winchester, my dog.

it is too bad our incompetent grifter in the WH thinks I am a threat to our nation. In fairness, I think the same of him.

Roger V Tranfaglia
Roger V Tranfaglia
8 months ago

Yeeaaa….Fkn TRUMP!

8 months ago

When we return to Quick Public Trials on TV and Public Hangings in large football stadiums, at half time, the Nation will return to Law & Order. People will see who the dangers to Civilized Society are again. Criminals will see that crime does not pay. We should start with the Leaders of the Democrat Partly and the RINOs involved in the 2020 Election Steal, “Russia, Russia, Russia”, and the J6 False Flag Black Op. That would be a good start!

Next is the need to reform the Media. This will require judicious use of Monopoly and Anti-Trust laws. The Media, including Social Media, should not be coordinating with each other and most certainly not the Government. That produces Propaganda, not news. The 1st Amendment allows Media to Report on Government Corruption, it does not allow them to Lie and if a Lies can clearly be proven the organization and the person who puts forth a lie as truth should be punished. An Editorial is a different matter. We should not restrict thought as Social Media now does.

We also need to outlaw SWAT teams kicking down doors and make King’s Castle Doctrine Absolute! If a trespasser comes on your property or invades your home, you should have the absolute right to see that they leave in a body bag. NO QUESTIONS ASKED! Government is protecting criminals while kicking down doors to terrorism people into submission. You can’t have free thought when the Government and psychopaths are allowed to freely terrorize you and your family.

Government works for us and we need to reestablish that fact. No Government Bureaucrat should be protected by their Office from crimes and abuse by their Office or position. No Government Official should be allowed to Lie, the Politicians do enough of that. We do need to protect Police. We should protect police by assuming that a cop fears for his life as soon as someone resist arrest; yes resisting arrest should automatically be considered attempted murder of a cop and any action by the cop then is justified. I grew up in a world where almost everyone served with a warrant or told they were under arrest wouldn’t think of resisting arrest because they knew they would be lucky to end up in the hospital. Resisting Arrest just didn’t happen! There was a time when resisting arrest or mass murder resulted in a Dead or Alive Poster, we need to go back to that concept.

Peter Prange
Peter Prange
8 months ago

All the more reason to have availability to the Independent Sentinel.
It does what the Drudge Report used to do.

8 months ago
Reply to  Peter Prange

The Independent Sentinel works well because it allows a free exchange of ideas. There have been instances of post not appearing, but I think that was due to forces outside the Independent Sentinel. Occasionally, you see liberal expression, but the individual is quickly confronted with facts and/or contrary opinion which is why the Independent Sentinel seems to be very much in concert with the majority of people and solidly denotes what “middle of the road” opinion in America really is; in general very conservative by Liberal standards. Too Bad other sites aren’t as open to tried and true Conservative Ideas and free expression.