Millions of Dollars for Illegals: “Alternate Universe of Complete Insanity”


As we reported yesterday, the Justice Department, Health and Human Services, and Dept of Homeland Security are in negotiations with representatives from the ACLU and lawyers representing illegal aliens to pay out $1,000,000 or more per family for the hardship they allegedly endured in crossing the border illegally in 2017 and 2018 due to Donald Trump’s zero policy.

Families will each receive $450,000 per child giving the total settlement a taxpayer cost of around $1 billion or more.

The ACLU claims the families suffered serious mental abuse after they were separated from their children.

Let’s see, the parents broke the law and had to go to detention but the children didn’t and had to go to a better facility. That was the humane thing to do as far as we can tell. In many cases, the children were coming in with people pretending to be their family.

This is a ‘sue and settle’ lawsuit with the ACLU suing so the government has an excuse to do exactly what the lawsuit wants to be done.

Perhaps we should do the same thing if a Republican wins in 2024–demand payments for illegal aliens raped or trafficked or people who die from fentanyl when the Biden regime was in power.

Earlier today on John Bachman, on Newsmax, Bachman asked Mark Morgan, the former Acting CBP Commissioner, for his response. Morgan was beside himself and said it’s an effort by the Biden administration to appease the leftists. It’s more than we would give angel families. They get zero from the government.

He said it’s “insulting, it’s disrespectful and it’s unconscionable.”

DHS has put even more restrictions on ICE, he said. For example, if ICE agents spot an illegal alien criminal in a parade, they can’t arrest him, even if there is a court order.

Morgan believes the proposal is serious and will take place.

Mr. Morgan said something similar last night on Rob Schmitt.


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Escape From West Zimbabwe
Escape From West Zimbabwe
2 years ago

Huge cooling systems will be needed for the fiatbux printing presses.
Get while the getting is good replacements because the traditionalists will have nothing for your give me that hands.