Corruption alert! Sen Wyden promotes chipmakers, his wife buys shares


There is nothing to see here! Democrat Senator Wyden boosts chipmakers while his wife buys shares. The fact that no one has a problem with this is even more disturbing than the corruption.

The NY Post reports:

Since last year, Sen. Ron Wyden, a Democrat from Oregon, has pushed legislation to bolster US chip companies, including by co-sponsoring the America LEADS Act and speaking out in favor of the CHIPS Act, two bills designed to promote semiconductor design and production on American soil amid rising competition from China.

Wyden’s efforts got a leg up on Wednesday, when Senate majority leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) introduced a bill for $52 billion in subsidies for domestic chip production and research and development.

Meanwhile, his wife Nancy Bass Wyden — who warned in October that the iconic Strand “cannot survive” without more business after being slammed by the pandemic — has been buying up potentially millions of dollars worth of shares in American chip designers and manufacturers like Nvidia, according to government documents.

In March of 2020, Wyden declared his support for the CHIPS Act, saying, “There’s bipartisan interest in building up our domestic manufacturing to bolster the supply of semiconductors and other critical components and products.”

There isn’t much to say. It’s corruption and it is truly criminal. It’s not just Democrats doing this, it’s also Republicans who go along with them or engage themselves. In any case, Democrats have the advantage. No one will come after them thanks to our two-tiered justice system.

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Tim Shep
Tim Shep
2 years ago

For God’s sake does this corruption ever end with these politicians? This is why we need term limits. these dregs get to comfortable and lax. They care only for themselves and the party. What perturbs me is that they don’t seem to give a damn.

Iron Monkey
Iron Monkey
2 years ago

Chiquitastan, about to get its teeth kicked right out.
I have zero love for Chiquitastan.