Cortes has the numbers for America First


Steve Cortes has the numbers and discusses the crisis at the border. It is enlightening.

What Republicans have to do is to educate these illegal aliens quickly so we don’t become the hellhole they left.

Unfortunately, once Democrats realized the illegal aliens voted for Democrats, they were for open borders. The Right has to change that.


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Historic Mousepad Czar
Historic Mousepad Czar
2 years ago

Other people’s money always runs out (h/t-the Iron Lady) and utopia is banished.
Locally we have reached the limit of what the land can hold and now a stoplight will change and the previous cars haven’t cleared the intersection yet.
The best and brightest of the faculty lounge don’t see a state with landmass and square miles in the bottom of the pack but somehow see Kansas, Texas, and Colorado combined after a few rounds of choom bongs.
Fundamental Transformation means all fifty states and every point on the compass.
Plan accordingly.