Courageous NY gym owner rips up King Cuomo’s $15K citation on air


NY’s petty despot, Governor Andrew Cuomo, just gave himself a big raise after destroying the state’s economy and killing older New Yorkers. One business owner has had it with King Cuomo telling people they can’t make a living. The western New York gym owner, Robby Dinero, ripped up the $15,000 citation live on air. He got it for one protest at his gym and probably for chasing the police and a health inspector out.

To give a $15,000 fine with more on the way for a man trying to make a living is truly disgusting. They are making criminals out of the working man. It’s an abuse of power.

“Come and get it,” Dinero, who spent 14 years in the Marine Corps, said after tearing up a letter from the Erie County Department of Health during a live interview.

He said the fine came from a Friday night protest at the gym, which has been closed along with all other gyms in the region after New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo imposed new restrictions last week in response to a rise in positive coronavirus. Dinero’s business is in Orchard Park, a Buffalo suburb.

The supporters didn’t hold back in telling the police and health worker to get out.

The entire episode was filmed and went viral. Rough language!


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