The Growing Rebellion


The rebellion is mounting against unconstitutional covid-19 lockdown restrictions in Democrat states and cities run by little Hitlers enjoying their orgasmic power trips. This weekend, in New York State, a heated confrontation ensued between a group of 100 business owners and a coterie of Erie County sheriff’s deputies and the county health inspector attempting to enforce Governor Andrew Cuomo’s petty dictates.

The group of business owners were assembled in a private gym, closed to the public, to brainstorm ways to survive Cuomo’s “orange zone” restrictions. The county officials entered the meeting and began informing the attendees they were in violation of Cuomo’s prohibition of gatherings of more than 10 people. But what the enforcers encountered was a small army of citizens who knew their Constitution. They were not about to be cowed. Their response to Cuomo’s henchmen could be paraphrased in one sentence: This is private property – if you don’t have a warrant, get out!

Keep in mind as you watch the video that some choice words followed before the county officials decided retreat was their best option. They were followed out the door by a small group that so obviously reveled in their victory, they made it known that Cuomo’s little messengers were trespassers and were not to gather in the parking lot, but were to completely leave the property.

Wondrous things happen when good men and women are educated in their Constitutional liberties and are courageous enough to stands on their rights and give not an inch to despots, tyrants, and scoundrels.

I wonder how long before the public servants in our three branches of government – the legislative, executive, and most especially the judiciary – realize they do not own the Constitution. We the People own the Constitution. The careful wording of the Preamble expressly states exactly that. It’s all spelled out. As long as we embrace our liberties and defend our God-given rights, our elected officials and bureaucrats can only govern with the consent of We the People.

Enjoy the video, shared on a blog post by Tim Walton.



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2 years ago

There needs to be more, many more, of these types of responses to the illegal orders of the leftist guvs, mayors and others wherever they are perpetrated upon the citizens.
Obviously, these lackeys of the elected offals have no idea of what the US Constitution is all about. It limits their powers. It is a legal document restricting what they may and may not do. Irregardless of what the elected offals in any government office wants them to do. They can refuse to disobey illegal, unConstitutional orders from anyone in government. If they had any balls at all.
That the sheriffs in this example had difficulty deciding what to do, shows they don’t desrve to wear the badge at all.
Kudos to the business owners for showing them the door and forcing to honor the oath the sheriffs took and, obviously don’t understand. Recall them all.
Just sayin’.

2 years ago

Not just a rebellion against little Hitler’s covid-19 restrictions overkill but also against the Republican party in general. Trump supporters are fed up with their cowardly representatives sitting back while the country gets pummeled by the democrat-communists.

Turning Point
Turning Point
2 years ago

Live free or don’t.

2 years ago

Good for Buffalo, but keep focused on Sydney Powell and former DIA head General Flynn. As most conservatives know the Republican Party runs a close second on corruption and treason. The RNC does not want Sydney to disclose the shocking evidence of wholesale corruption that will rock the RINOS and fake conservatives just as bad as the Commiecrats. Sydney has General Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, on her side and the entire military intelligence community. They know how deep the sedition and treason runs in the USA and they are NOT going to take any prisoners. I see military arrests, court marshals and summary execution for the traitors who have betrayed us to the ChiComs. Get ready to lock and load and roll out.The Kraken is being released!