Will Biden’s Broken Foot Sideline Him Longer Than COVID Sidelined Trump?


It’s rumored that a word to the politically wise in our nation’s capital went something like, “If you want a friend in Washington D.C., get a dog.”  Well, Joe Biden apparently took that to heart and then some, by getting two dogs.

Major, a pooch brought on board by the former vice president in 2018, apparently was unaware of his role as Biden’s buddy.  It seems, in his playful exuberance, the dog may have caused an accident resulting in Joe fracturing bones in his right foot.

Biden will be wearing a walking boot for “for several weeks”.

We wish the 78-year-old a speedy recovery and hope this silly mishap will not keep him on the sidelines, or in his basement, for a period of time any longer than the deadly China Virus sidelined President Trump.

Remarkably, POTUS was pretty much back on the job in very short order.

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