Courthouse News Report on Trump’s Attorney’s Closing


New York courthouse attorney Erik Uebelacker summarized Trump’s defense attorney’s closing at Courthouse News. Since he is a little biased, I tried to remove some biased words.

Todd Blanche told the jury, “President Trump is innocent. He did not commit any crimes, and the DA has not met their burden of proof.”

“The evidence is all in, and that evidence should leave you wanting more. You should want and expect more than the testimony from Michael Cohen.”

“Belief beyond a reasonable doubt does not include a passage from a book decades earlier, ladies and gentlemen.”

In Trump’s book, Think Like a Billionaire, he wrote: “As I said before, I always sign my checks, so I know where my money’s going.” Blanche said that Trump did not intend to defraud because he tweeted about this situation in 2018. “If there was intent to defraud, why would he do that?” Blanche asks – he showed a tweet from 2018.

Blanche told the jury why they shouldn’t trust Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels.

“Daniels wanted money, plain and simple. She used the 2016 election as leverage to get paid.”

Blanche said Cohen is “literally, like, the MVP of liars.” He directs some fury toward prosecutors for using Cohen as their star witness.

“They’re perfectly happy to have a witness commit perjury, to lie to you!” [Sustained objection – that’s off the record.]

The reasons not to convict:

With the jury gone, the conflicted Judge Merchan blasted Todd Blanche for telling the jury not to send Trump to prison.

Judge Merchan called it “outrageous.” “You know that making a comment like that is highly inappropriate. It’s simply not allowed,” said the Judge who all but told the jury to find Donald Trump guilty.

Amuse is live-tweeting from the courtroom:

Amuse elaborated a bit more on the reasons not to convict:

Blanche: I’m almost done. Here are 10 reasons for you to have reasonable doubt.

First, the invoices—Cohen created them. President Trump didn’t know about them.

Second, the Valentine’s Day 2017 voucher—no evidence shows President Trump saw the vouchers. There was no intent to deceive. A 1099 was filed.

Third, the intent to influence the 2016 election. The prosecutors will try to use FECA, but there is no evidence of any willful violation.

Fourth, tax laws? The evidence is only from Mr. Cohen, who mentioned “gross it up.”

Fifth, AMI would have run Sajudin’s story. There was no catch and kill.

Sixth, McDougal—also no catch and kill.

Seventh, Stormy Daniels’ story was already public.

Eighth, the manipulation of evidence. We have caught them. They showed Mrs. Trump’s text to call her husband, but then there was no call. They didn’t show you the texts about the 14-year-old caller; we did. And when was the phone synced? Mr. Cohen lied.

Ninth, Michael Cohen. He is the human embodiment of reasonable doubt. He lied; he is biased and motivated to tell you a story that is not true.

Finally, Tenth, they say Tom Brady is the GOAT. Cohen is the GLOAT—Greatest Liar of All Time.


During closing arguments, Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche, destroyed the entire case. He’s pointed out that Cohen’s entire testimony can’t be taken seriously. Many of the people Cohen had critical conversations with didn’t even testify in the case because it would’ve destroyed the entire case against Trump, given that none of them would’ve verified Cohen’s testimony.

Rep. Matt Goetz wrote:

Trump Attorney Todd Blanche has done an incredible job proving President Trump’s TOTAL INNOCENCE in this phony prosecution. His cross of Cohen should have ended the case in a just world.

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