COV goalposts moved but some doctors disagree with the medical mafia


Maybe Gates vaccine isn’t the end-all and, while we are at it, watch the video below about moving the coronavirus goalposts.

We recently learned that the Flu has all but disappeared, but COVID is still around. We also learned from Bill Gates that we might need a third vaccine. The vaccine comes from companies that Bill Gates is heavily invested in.

The experts now admit that coronavirus-19 is probably endemic like all coronaviruses. So, why can’t we concentrate on medicines and tactics to avoid catching these illnesses?

Vaccines can’t constantly be given for every mutation. Gates said additional shots may be needed in the future. It might be like a flu vaccine.

Coronaviruses always mutate constantly.

Need I also remind you there are no long-term studies?


The World Health Organization and vaccine companies have conceded that the vaccines do not prevent people from being infected with COVID or from transmitting it, but are only effective at reducing symptoms.

Gates told CBS Evening News: “The discussion now is do we just need to get a super high coverage of the current vaccine or do we need a third dose that’s just the same or do we need a modified vaccine?”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is eccentric. Social media banned him for his stance on vaccines. However, we believe in giving airtime if the banned person makes sense. Therefore, this is what he says, take it or leave it:

“Gates continues to move the goalposts,” said Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., chairman and chief legal counsel of Children’s Health Defense. “Meanwhile the strategies he and others have promoted are obliterating the global economy, demolishing the middle class, making the rich richer, and censoring vaccine safety advocates, like me.”

Kennedy said that the exclusive focus on vaccines has limited progress on addressing and recovering from COV:

“From the pandemic’s outset, clear-headed people familiar with the challenges inherent in the vaccine model have understood that the path out of crisis would require multiple steps. Those steps would need to include the development and/or identification of therapeutic drugs, the sharing of information among doctors to hone improved treatment models that reduce infection mortality rates below those for flu, and the kind of broad-spectrum long-term herd immunity that protects against mutant strains and that only derives from natural infection.”

Instead, Gates and vaccine makers are proposing a lifetime of boosters, supporting insufficient testing to determine safety and failing to address the inadequate monitoring of vaccine injuries, Kennedy said.

Why can’t we focus more on medicines?

This group has been vilified also and it’s a must-watch video:

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