Oakland police chief calls for no armed self-defense as crime spikes


The Oakland Police Chief wants good witnesses, not armed citizens. He wants victims to just sit around and wait for the police. If the criminal decides to kill the witness, as they often do, that’s apparently collateral damage.

Bearing Arms reports: Chief Armstrong made it clear that he is no fan of residents arming themselves for self-defense, even with a huge uptick in the number of robberies and assaults reported in the community. In his press briefing, the chief declared, “We don’t want our business owners or others to begin to arm themselves. We would really prefer them to be good witnesses.”

If you survive, be a good witness. And if the criminal knows you’re a witness, hope that you survive because he knows how to find you.

Dead witnesses will turn up more often.


Fortunately, a 12-year-old boy in North Carolina didn’t feel that way when armed home invaders shot his grandmother. He shot both of them and killed one.

Goldsboro police said charges against the 12-year-old are not anticipated but the investigation is ongoing.

The intruder “just shot his grandma,” one witness said. “He would have shot him too, he would’ve shot me too. He would’ve killed us all.”

It’s good the woman in Springfield Missouri didn’t feel the way Chief Armstrong feels when she shot the man who pistol-whipped an 82-year-old woman.

A 76-year-old Indianapolis man saved his wife thanks to a gun.

There are countless cases of self-defense that the police chief thinks he has the right to take away.



  1. This must be the unity.
    Not everyone is united on the burn it all down plan.
    No thanks comrade Armstrong and put your mask on in the spirit of unity.
    Find out the rules in your state regarding castle doctrine or stand your ground.
    If it is not in line with your beliefs then it may be time to move.

  2. I would just say F**k Comrade Chief Armstrong. While he’s sitting in his office surrounded by armed police and is armed himself when he goes home to his family.

  3. I’m living in the rural South. We have low crime because criminals know homeowners will shoot them. The best part about shooting a criminal is they won’t be a repeat offender. When I moved here I visited the Sheriff’s office about transferring my carry permit. They basically told me they were a small department that can’t be everywhere. If someone breaks in, do what you have to and we’ll take care of the paperwork when we can. Now you know why criminals go to places like California where the person protecting themselves or their family go to jail. Just remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

    Chief Armstrong is a moron, but that’s what the moron’s in California seem to want!

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