COV pandemic is global & The Great Reset comes to mind


The plandemic, as Psaki called it, has been used to inflict a hardcore leftist agenda on Americans. Democrats said they would use it to put their agenda through and they have. It’s time to resist and people are. In one small hospital, they might have to stop delivering babies because six workers quit instead of getting vaccinated. I believe in vaccination for the most part, but not in mandating it. This vaccine, which is really mRNA, has issues.

The push for vaccination is global. They are pushing it in nations where people have no power.

The media is pushing vaccination as much as Joe Biden and his comrades. Why? They obviously don’t care about our health or they’d stop the invasion at the border. What makes sense is that they are getting us ready for The Great Reset.

The WSJ is on the case:

The WSJ reported today that Covid-19 may become a routine illness like a common cold or the flu one day, virologists and epidemiologists say. But it will take a lot to get there, and the ferocious spread of the Delta variant that is filling hospitals again shows how treacherous that path could be.

More than 20 months after the pandemic began, people around the world are having to change the way they think about a disease that public-health authorities once believed they could conquer. A terrifying emergency has become a long, grinding haul.

The supercontagious Delta variant has made the virus virtually impossible to get rid of. It has fueled surges in cases across the globe, even in countries like Australia that had largely kept the pandemic out.

You Must Get Vaccinated

Among the most contagious of known disease-causing pathogens, SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, is now zeroing in on people who haven’t been vaccinated, pushing hospitalizations and deaths in some places in the U.S. to their highest points yet.


The Chinese government media and their corresponding US media – ABC, CBS,NBC, CNN – are pushing propaganda, exaggerating COV. They’re also getting ready for Mu or whatever the next variant will be. It’s likely to control people.

If they can tell you to inject drugs into you, what can’t they do?

All these alleged asymptomatic people who might have a cold or just any kind of injury are put down as COV visits to hospitals.

And, what happened to the flu and pneumonia? How many of those cases are what actually kill people in hospitals but get marked as COV?

The CDC is partisan hackery.

New World Order Psaki slipped and called the COVID pandemic a “plandemic.” She has that right.

COVID and the vaccine are being used for control at this point and it’s global:

Trying to suck in black people with nonsense:

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