How to Steal a Georgia Election


Abrams’ fundraiser exposes how she plans to steal the election


Stacey Abrams sent around the email below warning Democrats if they don’t send money, they might never win another Georgia election. She claims Georgia’s voter integrity bill is suppressing the vote.

The issue she had expressed the most concerns about is the voter ID law but she doesn’t mention that in the mailer.

What she opposes in the email is cleaning the voter rolls of ineligible voters, rendering some mail-in voters ineligible, and reducing the number of Zuckerboxes.

Why not remove ineligible voters from the rolls? There is no valid reason.

The mail-in voters would only be removed if they are ineligible to vote so why not remove them? It only could be because they are ineligible and she wants them to vote.

The hundreds of thousands of privately-funded, unsecured dropboxes (Zuckerboxes) will be reduced in number, not eliminated, just reduced so they can be secured.

let’s see the evidence.

Abrams says she needs the funds to sue Governor Kemp. If she gets rid of the integrity bill, she also eliminates voter ID.

Abrams made up some imaginary issue of not being able to vote early. There is nothing in the bill that limits anyone from voting early. Who are these people and why would they be hampered? She doesn’t have a list of people who would be held back because there aren’t any.

Sara —
Take just one moment today to show your support for Stacey Abrams as she SUES Brian Kemp to reverse the Georgia GOP’s extreme voter suppression bill →

I’m with Stacey

We’ve been crunching the numbers about how this extreme voter suppression bill will affect voters — And it’s pretty damning for Democrats.

If the GOP voter suppression bill in Georgia isn’t reversed, it will be almost impossible for Democrats to ever win statewide in the foreseeable future:

Remember, Joe Biden carried the state by just 11,779 votes, Jon Ossoff by just 54,944 votes, and Raphael Warnock by 93,272 votes.

With the new GOP voter suppression bill:

  • ➔ 102,000 voters will be purged from the rolls (to start)
  • ➔ 270,000 mail-in voters will be ineligible to vote
  • ➔ 305,000 voters who utilized drop boxes (just in Atlanta alone!) could have theirs removed permanently
  • ➔ And that doesn’t even include how many hundreds of thousands will be unable to vote early or reach a polling location due to GOP restrictions

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