COVID Came From a Lab! Dr. Fauci, “We May Never Know”


Dr. Fauci says, “We May Never Know” the origins of COVID.

It could point back to him.

Dr. Anthony Fauci continues to deny the lab leak theory. Speaking at a recent public event, Fauci says, “We may never know” the origin of the Coronavirus. He stressed the importance in “keeping an open mind” regarding the lab leak theory. He noted other Biden intelligence agencies don’t buy the lab leak theory [WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE!]

Where are all those infected Pangolins?

But the narrative is incrementally changing. Perhaps it’s incremental to lend credence to their past blatantly incorrect statements?

The FBI Director recently sat down with Fox News and confirmed the origin of COVID-19 was most likely a “lab incident” in Wuhan. This is what the former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and former DNI John Ratcliffe said.

Fauci was wrong about lockdowns, masks, double masks, Remdesivir, vaccines, boosters, and virus origin. He also peddled the natural immunity lie. Fauci told us not to look to curatives. He was wrong about everything.

Fauci is incrementally coming along.

Perhaps this is why he may stick with his story.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
11 months ago

This is more junk interviews from Faux News.

Fauci always speaks of his most optimistic goals. He wanted everyone to mask, jab and seclude. He wants the lab situation to remain a mystery. He speaks of his goals only because he is a plotter.

The important thing is not the controversy over the lab. The important thing is justice, which cannot occur in post-coup America. Faux is merely feeding the controversy to obscure the reality.

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11 months ago

The Facts so far as we know them are that Dr. Anthony Fauci funded Biological Warfare Research in a Lab that was probably only a Bio Level 2 Lab by International Standards. It is clear that the DoD was involved in this research. It is also Clear that the Chinese Military was watching every aspect of this research.

Now for Speculation based on the application of Common Sense and Logic. It was illogical for the Chinese to release a Virus on the Chinese People without a working vaccine. While a leak is possible, a release in the Wuhan Market is more realistic. Since it was illogical for China to do that, a False Flag Black Op becomes a real possibility. The problem with Viral Agents is the lack of control. Was this a crazy attack on China that got out of control and when China realized it was an attack to damage their economy they released it on the World? The US Military Industrial Complex is capable of anything and with the War in the Middle East winding down a direct conflict with China would mean windfall profits. But then, what about the Big Pharma Industrial Complex? Big Pharma has made a windfall from SARS-Cov-2 and President Trump was looking at the incredible profits of Big Pharma since the passage of 0Bamacare. Both the Military Industrial Complex and Big Pharma has reason to release SARS-Cov-2 and operatives on the ground who could have done it!

What we saw with the Wuhan Lab as modern Asymmetrical Warfare and just how dangerous Modern Technology is in the hands of Psychopaths who have no ethics. Since there are so many Psychopaths loose in the world today, there is also the outside chance that the CCP released SARS-Cov-2 into the Market to cultivate a pool of “Infectors” before releasing them overseas. A scary reality may be that both Governments know what happened but are keeping it a mutual secret. If both countries worked together on this “project” to take out Trump, America no longer exist as a free nation.