Cowardly Schumer Silent on Riots Centered Within Blocks of His Office


This past weekend, missing from the New York City’s typical media landscape was one of Senator Charles Schumer’s Sunday press conferences.  Not seeing Chuck on each and every one of the local evening broadcasts, generally bleating about the need for more government control over something, is spectacularly rare.

The exceptions to a Schumer Sunday presser only seem to arise when it’s his very own neighborhood suffering from some horrific events.  We’ve mentioned the senator’s most recent extended “ghosting” as it related to 5,600 nursing home deaths.  We also pointed out, not even having two facilities, suffering the highest individual fatalities in NYC, and located a 5-minute ride from his Brooklyn office, could move the senator to call his usual, friendly press gaggle.

Chucky’s most recent silence may be worse still.  From Friday through Sunday his Brooklyn office was within blocks of some of the worst mob destruction and violence.  For those unfamiliar with the area we have a very brief overview.

If you were watching the madness spreading outward from the Barclay’s Center, you should know it was under 1 mile from where the senator officially conducts “the peoples’ business”.  But wait, there’s more!

As the Sentinel reported on May 30th, with an update the following day, a 27-year-old woman threw a molotov cocktail through the window of an NYPD police cruiser, occupied by 4 officers.  The deadly device, failed to explode, saving the cops from agonizing burns and possibly death.

That nightmarish assault, an obvious attempt to kill or maim a quartet of New York’s Finest, took place a scant 2,000 feet from U.S. Senator Charles Schumer’s office! Still, he remained AWOL.

It would appear, when once again faced with a deadly crisis in his own neighborhood, Chuck took the coward’s way out.

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