Crazytown! Real Joe Biden, not a media portrait


The media is trying to bolster Joe Biden by writing fake portraits of the man. Politico published one today and we are all supposed to pretend it’s legitimate. The article is allegedly about the tough time he is having picking a VP since none of the choices are quite as good as he is. Politico reports:

The Democratic presidential nominee wants to pick someone who is like him (or at least the way he saw himself as vice president): loyal, trusted, experienced, apolitical, someone with whom he will bond.

“He’s not kidding when he says I really want someone I’m simpatico with — someone he can trust,” said a close Biden ally. “His experience with Obama was one of genuine closeness and trust.”

Biden is actually very far-left and is pro-extreme abortion when he is coherent, but this is how Politico describes him:

“Biden has this race in a pretty good spot and Trump is finding him an inconvenient target,” he said. “He’s culturally inconvenient for Trump: old, white, moderate Irish Catholic guy from Pennsylvania. There’s a reason Trump brought on an impeachment trying to stop Biden. Many of the things that were weaknesses during the primary are now strengths, and you don’t necessarily want to upset the balance of the race here.”‘

The man who has illicit dealings with China and has been wrong on every policy decision is described thusly:

“Put yourself in the mind of Joe Biden,” said one Democratic strategist. “Who is Joe Biden? He spent his entire adult life in the United States Senate. He’s a foreign policy maven. He really takes it seriously. So when he says I need someone on Day One to take over, that specifically means they can deal with China and Russia on Day One. To me, that means it’s not going to be a mayor. And maybe not even a governor. He has a bias towards senators. But it also has to be next generation. So not Warren, who is 71. She performed significantly under expectations. That would lead you to two senators: Kamala Harris and Tammy Duckworth. Who else meets that mold? Susan Rice: ready on Day One for Russia and China.”

The media is on another planet if they think their dishonest portrayal of Biden will fly. The real Joe Biden, not the one the media wants us to believe exists, is evident in the ‘Crazytown’ video below.

This is funny, watch it, you won’t regret it:

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garry karounos
garry karounos
3 years ago

On Monday, former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sander’s co-chair Nina Turner, in an Atlantic piece titled “Don’t Count Trump Out,” was asked about voting for Biden, to which she said: “It’s like saying to somebody, ‘You have a bowl of shiff in front of you, and all you’ve got to do is eat half of it instead of the whole thing.’ It’s still shiff.” Guess she’s not going to be on his VP short list.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

They are creating the New Joe Biden has we watch the mentally unstable feeble man filled with Socialist and Globalist principles when he comes out of the basement