Watch Dr. Immanuel’s amazing speech of COVID — banned from FB, Twitter, YouTube

Update: Dr. Immanuel’s religious beliefs are now the source of denigration. She allegedly believes in Alien DNA and demon sperm that causes women’s gynecological problems. We have no idea how this affects her beliefs about the drugs. We also don’t know if the drugs work. We posted this because we believe in free speech.

Dr. Stella Immanuel personally treated over 350 people and counting, elderly people, people with diabetes, asthma with a drug cocktail, and she put her patients, herself, and her staff on the drug, Hydroxychloroquine. She has not lost any patients with COVID-19. All of her patients lived. Dr. Immanuel said “no one needs to die” if they are on Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, and Zithromax.

“It works,” she said.

The study from NIH in 2005 which shows the drug works is the one she went by.

No one she has treated has died. Studies show it does work, and any study that says the drug doesn’t work is fake.

Dr. Immanuel went to school and treated people in Nigeria so she is used to the drug. No one needs masks, to be locked down, and we don’t need double-blind studies, she insists.

She asked Dr. Sanjay Gupta — who criticizes the drug — if he has ever treated any COVID patients.

The doctor said she is watching people die and no one needs to die. She has gotten all kinds of threats but she doesn’t care She will “not let Americans die.”

“All this foolishness” does not need to go on. “There is a cure — Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, and Zithromax.”

Basically, the doctors and media politicized the drug and are murdering people.

Watch, she’s amazing:


The FDA and The WHO came out against Hydroxychloroquine so this was BANNED. Read more on this link. It was taken down from all social media and Breitbart was punished for posting it.

Here’s more:

Breitbart was punished for sharing this “misinformation:”



  1. All the media doctors are against it because Trump mentioned Hydroxychloroquine at the beginning of the virus out break, and of course its cheap, Dr. Sanjay Gupta is paid by CNN to say what they want their dumba$$ viewers to hear, Dr. Stella Immanuel and all the other Doctors who have saved lives with this drug will never be on MSN to tell how well this drug works, because it would be a win for Trump !!!

  2. I just watched that briefing. There is another live one right now. The beginning of the video details the workings of Covid and HCQ which is itself on YouTube.

  3. The French doctor who had great success had words for the likes of Fauci and his damnable “double-blind studies”. He calls that Malpractice.

  4. Something of interest. Milk is a good source of zinc. How many mothers use substitutes that are soy based.I recall my younger days the fad of children being fed with soy milk. My parents would never consider using it. What effect has the use of soy milk been on the population. It certainly isn’t a “natural” method of feeding babies.

    • Drinking cows milk is natural? Explain that. Cows milk consumption is no more natural than soy, oat or nut milks.

      • Humans have been consuming dairy for millennia. ~7,000 years in Europe, likely longer in the Middle East. So long in fact, that human DNA actually has mutated to cause “lactase persistence” allowing us to consume lactose after we’re weened, and even into adulthood. For whatever reason evolution favored this trait, and now lactase persistence can be found in nearly all human populations, though it’s most common in Europe, the Middle East and parts of Africa.
        Soy “milk” was invented 655 years ago (1365 CE) in China.

  5. Now, do the same with masks, especially surgical masks. When I recently went to the emergency room they had me take a “surgical mask”. I said to her, “A lot of good that will do”. She seemed to understand my point. Those masks are Not made for viral pathogens.

  6. What scares the hell out of me is having this third phase of the vaccine production. Some doctors have admitted these mRNA vaccines have Never worked. They are looking for an “induced response” and therein lies the danger. As many vaccines have have a component of the virus, these do not. There will be NO testing to see “what” happens if a person DOES get exposed to the “real” virus. It is at that point when these mRNA vaccines prove to be Deadly. Everything seems fine and dandy until then. Thee most dangerous is Fauci wants First Responders vaccinated First. What happens if this vaccine turns about to be deadly for those when they are needed most. Unfortunately those responders are more likely to follow the direction of “experts”. The major issue is “when” will such an event occur. It just may take “years” to manifest into a dangerous situation.

  7. Now that’s what I and we should all call a doctor.
    Great human being!
    We know Hydroxychloroquine works and they’re responsible for another crime against Humanity.(Fauci, WHO and Gates)

  8. Greg is as simple as that – people will die getting this vaccine regardless if it comes from Pfizer or Moderna(Gates).
    However I trust more the one from Pfizer as long as Gates isn’t involved.
    Both companies produce the same type mRNA vaccine.
    The Administration already signed a contract with Pfizer so that’s a slap on Gates’s face.
    But let’s be onest, as the above doctor said in the video, there is a cure for Christ sake, Hydroxychloroquine combined.
    It shouldn’t be mandatory, period.
    We live a scamdemic and a plandemic that happens because people don’t get involved and don’t read. Actually these aren’t people they’re sheeps.
    It requires a certain level of intelligence for most of the sheeps to understand which the majority don’t have.
    Let’s be honest there were those bozos that offered themself to be the Guinea Pigs for Moderna’s vaccine and about 20 % suffered bad side effects that required medical interventions.
    I don’t feel sorry for those.

  9. The main reason this drug is being attacked is that Big Pharma doesn’t have control of it and can’t make billions off of it. Too many politicians and media groups are beholding to Big Pharma and carry their water on this drug and many others.

  10. The scam of the left continues to rear its ugly head for all to see, via the MSM and the social platforms taking down the video of this medical doctor, not buearucrat, making the case for the use of the HCQ cocktail in treating this kung flu. Possibly, even curing it in the process.
    Of all the lies of the CDC, WHO, etc. this is possibly the biggest and most harmful one to this nation. And the world, in general.
    The globalists(commies/progressives) cannot allow this HCQ combo to gain momentum for usage in combatting this latest version of the flu. Its safe, when given in a prescribed dosage and regimen, its cheap, nobody makes a shitload of money off of it, and it works. Thus, the big lie of the “experts” would be exposed and they would suffer a loss of confidence in any future proclaimations of what to do in fighting any flu-like disease.
    How many “vaccines” have been developed and proven to be effective in eradicating a disease? Very few. Which includes the so-called flu vaccines. They are a bust, too. Just a treatment for the symptoms, at best.
    Oh yeah, and as others have pointed out here and elsewhere, the big pharma doesn’t make a bunch of money off of the HCQ cocktail.
    Just sayin’.

  11. Sadly, to all I took down as many of my links to the frontline doctors speeches.
    While I do believe that Hydroxychloroquin
    (Sp?) can be helpful, one if the doctors they let speak has been discredited. She is not listed as one of the doctors on the frontline doctors website and I do not know how she was chosen never the less they let her speak. The one speaker that was so impassioned has now brought ridicule and a call of quackery into play.
    I do not know who did or did not vet her and she will now cause the downfall of all the good they might have done. My apologies to all who read and and were hopeful.
    I still think more should be done with the medicines we have available.

  12. We are at war, it’s Auschwitz in full display!
    Ban every corrupt media platform immediately and their products, apps etc.
    Let them starve as they let the people bankrupt and sick by manipulating everything in their way.

  13. I watched the Frontline doctors summit. Dr. Immanuel was incredible as were the others. What the media is doing to slander them and continue to cover up the cure is criminal! I hope all doctors with integrity consider a class action suit against the media for slander and interfering with their ability to practice medicine.

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