Creeping Tyranny in Erie County: Travel Bans


Erie County legislator Mark Polancarz was an authoritarian lockdown actor during the pandemic. He is stepping it up after his success at locking down with his newfound, self-awarded powers of control. He is passing travel bans during snowstorms and other “catastrophes.”

Erie County Executive, Mark C. Poloncarz

No vote is needed. He’s doing it for the collective good, of course.

He has devised an essential workers list; they are the only ones who can drive in a snowstorm. So, the father of a sick child wouldn’t qualify. You can’t leave your house if you’re essential to your job but not on the list.

In a series of seven tweets, he explains Erie County residents do not have permission to travel with the exceptions he has put on his list.

Poloncarz has deemed that almost all employers are non-essential “except for the select few who must continue operations: public works, utilities, water/sewer services, law enforcement, first responders, healthcare, food, and other essential responders.”

Number five in the series of seven broadens his powers to anything he determines to be a “catastrophe,” in addition to any major weather event. Could this be transformed into protecting climate change?

“We hope to work with employers in determining whether an employee should have essential status and help eliminate any gray areas when it comes time to make travel decisions during a major weather event or some other type of catastrophe travel ban,” he wrote in Number five.

Emphasis added.

He claims the right to do it under the New York Public Officer’s Law that he seems to expand to its outer limits.

Others will follow with this creeping totalitarianism.

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2 months ago

Um….. No. We will not comply. Are we to also presume that once you make it past the border of their jurisdiction, you’re free to keep on driving? Who put this bozo in charge?